Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Already the evenings are drawing in and we are beginning to look ahead as to whether it is time to put on the central heating, to wear another layer of clothing, to buy another winter coat or jacket.  The harvests are coming in and the barns are being filled.  Let us pray for a good crop and a plentiful supply of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit etc.  Let us also pray for a balance in the distribution of all these goods of the earth, that local families may be able to feed their children and themselves, that the crisis in Yemen will abate and aid get through to all those in need.  May our hearts have a spirit of generosity to all in need and when we too have need that with God’s good grace and the help of the community we too will be fed and comforted!

In Jesus we are all one body and his love is universal open to all in need.  He calls on his people, the sheep of his flock, to feed my lambs, feed my sheep.  If we are truly to bring the word of God to our neighbour then we must love and feed them not only with the word of God and his actions, but also by feeding and restoring their bodies.  We too have a right to be fed and watered and although our society is not perfect we know that help can be at hand, that we live in a free and protected society.  We have many benefits for which we give thanks and in knowing this may it help love for others grow in our hearts!

Our gospel today reminds us that sometimes we need to fundamentally repent in order to live fully the grace of God.  Sometimes our sorrow is motivated by our basic needs such as was the Son in this weekend’s gospel.  But to our heavenly Father that does not matter – what does matter is that we come home to him.

This weekend we offer our congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Sherratt who were married last week in Ashley.  We pray also for all their families and friends that grace in abundance will be theirs. 

We also continue our prayers for the sad departure of Caitlin from this world to the next.  And we pray for all bereaved families at this time!  May they find comfort in coming closer to their heavenly Father who in Christ loves them and suffers with them!

May we all have a happy and holy week!

Father Anton s.c.j.