Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As this weekend we break up for the summer holidays I recall the words of Genesis, “On the Seventh Day he rested.”  Whether it is the seventh day, week or month, everyone needs a change and/or a rest.  No one has been created as a robot able to keep going for ever and ever.  We are human and to be human is to be complicated in our needs.  My prayer is that everyone has some sort of recreation over the summer, whether modest or grand.  It is all a part of God’s creation.  Just as we wonder at the universe we can also wonder at the small and vulnerable creatures God has made.  “We are his people, the sheep of his flock.”  He loves us and wants us to be whole.  Bon voyage and happy holidays.

Farewell also to year six at St Werburghs.  We wish you well and hope that your new schools will be happy places for you.  Remember that the best race is to be that of being a good person, “Loving God and neighbour as yourself.”  If anything I trust that your time with and in St Werburghs has taught that our fellow human beings are valuable wherever we encounter them.  Remember also the gift of faith that has been placed before you.  It is a great and wonderful gift, not to be lost or wasted.

This week we have many feasts to celebrate in church.  Monday is Mary Magdalene, Tuesday is St Bridget, Thursday St James the Apostle and Friday Joachim and Anne (Parents of Our Lady). 

I would also like to say “thank you” once again to the Parish Committee and the School PTA for their hard work and success last Saturday. £2,117.37 was raised to help towards all the costs involved with Parish and Parish School needs.  Again “thank you” it was a very pleasant occasion.

Finally holidays or not God is always with us.  A prayer always goes down well.

God bless and keep you safe in his care!

Father Anton s.c.j.