Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

No sooner is it the end of the Christmas Season then we are facing Lent.  This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday when we take ashes and commit ourselves to repentance, making that extra effort to get close to God.  Our re-commitment includes prayer, fast and abstinence.  It begins on Ash Wednesday itself as we abstain from meat and eat less as a form of penance for our sins.  During Lent we are encouraged to pray more, abstain more and by our abstention become more generous to the poor and needy.

The church also states that as practising Catholics we need to go to confession at or around Easter time in order that we commit ourselves again to our faith and naturally receive the Lord in Holy Communion, purified and made more honest in our relationship with him.  In times past it was referred to as our Easter Duties, something we owe the church and almighty God himself.  Please note that as a way of additional prayer we will be having the Stations of the Cross on Sunday afternoons beginning the first Sunday 4 p.m. at Clayton and alternating with Ashley each other weekend.

Please also note the various courses that have been put on locally in our deanery parishes.  There is no charge for these and it could be a good and simple way to renew ones faith and grow in the knowledge of God.

As we now approach St Werburgh Church building the scaffolding has gone and the roof is looking rather good.  The contract will finish off with some work on the presbytery.  The gutters and down pipes are in need of being replaced.  The old cast iron gutters have begun to rot and are in a very poor state.  Thank you for all the generous support; we have managed to halve the bill which is a great help.  Any additional contributions will be most welcome!

I hope that half term has been a change and something of a rest for people.  I know for some of you it will have been work as normal.  Perhaps a break and a change for you as well in the near future.

We remember in our prayers all the sick, housebound and those in hospital at this moment in time.  Also our prayers go out for all suffering the effect of the Coronavirus and those still battling with the fires of Australia.

God bless and keep you in his care!

Father Anton s.c.j.