Parish Priest - Father Anton's Weekly Column


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lent has passed and we are now into the Season of Easter which will run for several weeks until Pentecost Sunday when we celebrate the return of Christ to us as the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit comes to us all in Baptism and Confirmation, it is the opportunity to live the life of Christ, allowing him to dwell within us. That Holy Spirit enhanced by the Communion of Union, that of the Mass itself, where we witness Christ to the world at large

Looking back quickly at the Easter Service I congratulate you all on the wonderful preparation and participation. The attendance was excellent and the services beautiful as usual. As I once again thank you all for your hard work, a special mention for our band of servers who gave generously of their time, many of them attending multiple events during Holy Week. They are a great credit to themselves and their families. Well done and thank you in the name of the Lord and his Church!

Term has restarted for schools, and we wish all young people the best as they learn and mature. As we pray for the children we also pray for teachers and staff who look after them. There are many pressures in life and our endeavours ask much of each other. We give thanks also for the support of parents who wish the best for their children. As parents are the first teachers of their children we encourage and thank them for their support while remembering that the faith they cultivate for themselves is the faith that they are able to hand down to their children.

Please keep in your prayers Chris Davies who died recently. Also family and friends are in need of our prayers!

Last of all a big thank you for your generous Easter Offerings, cards and gifts for the celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection. I think I am fast becoming a chocoholic!!!

God bless and take good care of yourselves and one another.

Father Anton s.c.j.